As far as I can remember I always had a great interest for languages. I remember being a kid trying to speak Spanish which I understood nothing about and rolling my “Rs” thinking it was all it took for one to speak the language. Fast forward a decade later I ended up living in Cuba and studying “en Español” for 7 years. So there I was immersed in the language I dreamed of speaking and mastering all my life! Being born and raised in Haiti I had already mastered French and Creole, both native languages which I still had to study at school along with English. I was also lucky enough to spend most of my summer vacations between NY and Boston but most importantly to have cousins who only knew Shakespeare’s language. That’s all my language-loving-self needed to go after mastering English.

But the purpose of this post is really not about my multilingualism, believe me. Let me get the point. See I’ve been wanting to blog for a while. I have so many things to say and to share and I always felt that blogging was the way for me to go. I made several attempts. The last one was in 2015 when I opened the art gallery. Two posts later, I just stopped. Why? I had no idea until recently when the urge to start again showed up at my door. I started analysing what but mostly why I kept failing at being consistent with my blog and it just hit me: I don’t know which languages to speak.

And here’s what bothered me most, being an artist and a business owner in Quebec I am by law obligated to serve my clients in French at my location, but I also run my business online and so far most of my clients are English spoken. Therefor I also need to have a website in both languages to serve my clients and to comply with the law. That being said, in which language do I blog? I tried once to write in both English and French. It is a lot of work and some expressions or jokes are just not translatable from one language to another. You just lose the essence of what you’re trying to say. Guess what? If I only knew one language I guess all this just wouldn’t be an issue…
So here I am, with 4 languages under my belt and the inability to express myself. I’ve decided to give blogging another attempt and this time I won’t let language become a barrier. And to tell you the truth, although French is my native language, writing comes more naturally to me in English. So in English I will be blogging mostly from now on and in French also and why not Creole and Spanish. I will translate whenever possible. Meaning my blog will be multilingual as I am. After all I should put to good use the fact that I speak English

Until then take a peek at the last painting I created. Thank God visual art doesn’t need translation! What does this piece tells you? What do you see in it?
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